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i3 serves the Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Automotive, Chemicals, Fashion and Pharmaceuticals industries in New Zealand and Australia.  Most of the i3 team is based in Christchurch, NZ and we have team members in a number of countries across APAC and North America.​


As a trusted partner, i3 delivers long term value to our customers, helping them improve business processes, manage costs and improve profitability.  Our functional, technical and support teams extend our customers' capacity and capability.

i3 is an Infor Alliance partner.


Our team all have deep business and M3 expertise garnered over projects across the globe.  Many have worked for other consulting companies and have come to i3 for work/life balance in a consultant-led organisation.  Others have come directly from industry and were ready to leverage their knowledge of how to make M3 work in practice for other organisations.  

Our consulting team includes people whose previous roles included:

  • Civil engineer

  • Plant manager

  • CIO

  • Senior consultant with other consulting companies

  • Support lead

  • Planner

We're looking for people with business experience, an analytical mind, deep M3 knowledge and genuine people skills to join our growing team.  If you are based in New Zealand or Australia, would like to find out how you can grow professionally, have fun, earn well, have an ownership stake and help customers succeed then please contact us to find out why i3 is the M3 consulting company for you.

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